How to Cook Yummy Fried Sausage Spagetti

Fried Sausage Spagetti.

Fried Sausage Spagetti You can cook Fried Sausage Spagetti using 12 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Fried Sausage Spagetti

  1. Prepare of Spagetti.
  2. Prepare of Sausages.
  3. Prepare of Tomatoes.
  4. You need of Onions.
  5. Prepare of Cooking Oil.
  6. You need of Carrots.
  7. You need of Bell peppers.
  8. You need of Dhania.
  9. It’s of Tomato sauce.
  10. You need of Salt.
  11. Prepare of Spices of your choice.
  12. You need of Garlic.

Fried Sausage Spagetti step by step

  1. Boil the spagetti for 10 minutes then when ready wash it with running cold water..
  2. Prepare the onions,tomatoes,carrots,bell pepper,garlic and slice the raw sausages..
  3. In your cooking pot put cooking oil,onions,carrots,bell pepper,sausages and fry them till the carrots are a bit cooked then add your spices and cook them for a few minutes..
  4. Add the garlic paste and tomatoes and let them cook till the tomatoes are well cooked,then add the tomato sauce and simmer for 5minutes.
  5. Put the spagetti,add salt and dhania and stir well. Cook for 10minutes in low heat. Serve and enjoy.