Recipe: Tasty Chapati -egg roll

Chapati -egg roll. Chapati Veg Roll Recipe In Telugu. Easy tea time snacks with less ingredients. Hi guys welcome to my I'm going to show you the recipe of chapathi roll or Frankie my video till end.if you like my video give.

Chapati -egg roll Also known as chapathi egg roll. A single chapathi roll is a good option for your kids for breakfast or lunch. Chapati egg roll also known as egg kathi roll or egg frankie is a very popular street food and also my kid's favorite dish. You can have Chapati -egg roll using 3 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chapati -egg roll

  1. You need of I egg.
  2. Prepare 1 of leftover chapati.
  3. It’s of I teaspoonful cooking oil.

It is so easy to made at home and tastes delicious. Chapati and omelette rolled together and cut into rounds, perfect for brunch or lunch or dinner… Recipe for making Chapati, click here. Chapathi egg roll is a healthy snack that is filling and can be prepared in a jiffy. Here is how to prepare this tasty roll using few ingredients.

Chapati -egg roll instructions

  1. Fry the egg.
  2. Then when almost ready add the chapati.
  3. When ready fold the sides.
  4. Then roll. Enjoy.

Egg paratha is basically a flat bread recipe with egg mixture stuffing. Egg paratha is made in such a way that can be given mainly Egg Paratha Recipe, How To Make Anda Paratha Egg Chapati Roll. ***Egg Roll Chapati Preparation Method*** Then cut it in to small pieces. Now Egg Roll Chapati is ready. Egg roll chapatti can be had with tomato sauce.